Technical Features

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides insights on user behavior and conversion rates

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager simplifies tag deployment for Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads drives targeted payed traffic to your website

Google Feed

Google Feed boosts product visibility on various platforms

Integrated with Google

We integrated Google services to enhance your digital marketing. Google Ads drives targeted traffic, while Google Tag Manager simplifies tag deployment.

Google Analytics provides insights on user behavior and conversion rates. Google Feed boosts product visibility on various platforms. These integrations optimize marketing efforts, streamline data management, and improve customer engagement.

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Integrated with Meta

We effectively integrated Facebook services to optimize marketing, engage customers, and drive conversions. Facebook Pixel tracks user behavior, Conversion API improves conversion tracking accuracy, Facebook Chat enables real-time support, and Product Feed enhances product visibility.

These integrations boost presence, streamline operations, and maximize results on Facebook.

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Facebook Pixel

This tool let's you tracks your user behavior

Facebook Conversion API

It improves conversion tracking accuracy

Facebook Chat

Provides you a real-time support

Facebook Feed

Your products could be seen in Facebook

Ultimate SEO

All SEO tools you will need in one place.

Important for search engine rankings and user understanding of webpage content.


Important as they provide a clear and organized structure of a website to search engines.

Featured image

Improves user engagement and search engine rankings.

Custom SEO

Important for maximizing online visibility and driving targeted organic traffic and conversions.

Your website will be blazing fast!

The Furnisystem website is lightning-fast, delivering an exceptional browsing experience with quick page load times and seamless navigation. Enjoy a smooth and efficient user experience that ensures visitors can explore and interact with the site without any delays or frustrations.

We're an agency offering a full creative service.


We're an agency offering a full creative service.

Best practices

We're an agency offering a full creative service.


We're an agency offering a full creative service.

Automatic translation

Translation is easy and convenient, offering a wide range of language options to choose from, allowing you to effortlessly translate your website into multiple languages and have different domains for each language in one admin.

Translate whole website in one click using Google Translate

One admin lot domains

Have as many domains as you want and manage all them in one admin panel

Translate in one second

Every time you create a new element it will be translated to all languages immediately

ISA algorithm

ISA - intelligent product sorting algorithm. Who depending on your product popularity or it's stock status rearranges them in your website.
Popular products at top

All your most popular products stays at top

Out of stock

All your out of stock items will keep lower positions in your website

Let your client pay effortless

Seamlessly integrated multiple payment methods such as bank transfer, Neopay, Stripe, and leasing, offering diverse options to customers for secure and convenient transactions, ensuring flexibility and catering to various payment preferences.
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Integrated Neopay payments, providing customers with a secure payment option.

Stripe (soon)

Integrated Stripe payments, offering customers a secure payment option.

Bank transfer

Integrated bank transfer payments, enabling convenient transactions directly from customers.

4 more payments

There will be 4 more payment methods

Under the hood

The Power of Next.js

Next.js provides server-side rendering, optimized performance, and seamless integration with React, enabling faster page loads, improved SEO, and a superior user experience.

Faster page loads

Improved SEO

Superior user experience


GraphQL API allows for efficient data fetching, flexible querying, reduced network traffic, and improved development productivity, enabling seamless integration with various front-end frameworks and delivering tailored data to clients.

Efficient data fetching

Seamless integrations

Seamless integrations

Image resize

We automatically resizes images for faster website loading and efficient storage, enhancing the user experience.

All images are in WEBP format

You don’t need to do anything

Images takes more than 70% less space


Wikidata provides a centralized, collaborative knowledge base that allows for structured data integration, multilingual support, and the ability to leverage a vast amount of interconnected information.

Structured data integration

Leverage a vast amount of interconnected information.

Multilingual support

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