Product Management

Simple VS Advanced

Simple and advance products in main catalogue have one difference - icon in the left bottom corner
Simple product

Advanced product

Simple product

In out system you have not only option to create configurable products. But also simple products that don't need any customizations only to select color, frame color or size.

Group products by color

Group products by frame color

Group products by size

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Styles & Collections

Styles and collections are made for you to group these products by their specifications so you could show them in home page or footer.

Group products by style

Group products by collection

Create tags for products

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Bulk operations

Edit your products in bulk! You can add various specifications and delete products in bulk

Bulk delete

Bulk category selection

Bulk price increase/decrease

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Easy Discounts

You can add various discounts to your products. It can be done for one product or even for a bunch. You can also select the time while this discount will be available.

Discount in bulk

Custom discount date

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Language translate

Every time you create a product it will automatically translate to all your enabled languages.

Supported by Google

Supports up to 13 languages

Automatic translate

Content blocks

Enhance your product page with content blocks! It let's you ad various elements as additional images or even a video from Youtube/Vimeo

Add in bulk

Add image/videos

Custom style options

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