Furniture configurators

Our intuitive furniture configurator enables you to upload all the configuration options online. It enables the customer to pick precisely what he needs and buy it online or come to the physical shop knowing what he wants.

The configurator will automatically calculate prices and dimensions according to the chosen configurations. You can upload unlimited configuration components and set additional prices for each (fabrics, headboards, legs, tabletops, etc.).

Sofa configurator

Bed configurator

Table configurator

Chair configurator

Sofa configurator

Chair configurator

Bed configurator

Table configurator

Commercials offer

Automate your invoice and commercial offer generation.

Our system produces both invoice PDFs and commercial offer PDFs, with the former featuring detailed specifications of advanced products, such as 2D drawings of selected product components and materials.

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Commercial offer PDF

Invoice PDF

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B2B System

Digitalise your catalog with our newest feature!

Our B2B system enables you to work with your partners online. You can choose whether you want to show prices publicly or not and you can control prices for each partner separately. Working with your partners online removes unnecessary paperwork and leaves less room for error.

Separate B2C and B2B pricing

Custom pricing for Partners

Custom pricing for Partners

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Product Management

Managing products is a breeze with its user-friendly interface that allows easy filtering, bulk editing, translation, and creation of both advanced and simple products.

Simple products

Easily filter

Bulk edit

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Order Management

Managing orders is a seamless experience, offering a dedicated order status page, the ability to add shipping prices per product, and automatic email and invoice generation.

Shipping per product

Order status page

Optimized checkout

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Let your client pay effortless

Seamlessly integrated multiple payment methods such as bank transfer, Neopay, Stripe, and leasing, offering diverse options to customers for secure and convenient transactions, ensuring flexibility and catering to various payment preferences.
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Integrated Neopay payments, providing customers with a secure payment option.

Stripe (soon)

Integrated Stripe payments, offering customers a secure payment option.

Bank transfer

Integrated bank transfer payments, enabling convenient transactions directly from customers.

4 more payments (soon)

There will be 4 more payment methods soon.

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