Order Management

Optimized checkout

Our checkout is optimized so client could see in every step his selected specification. Also in few steps you can finish all your checkout.

Specifications follows you everywhere

Easy steps to finish checkout

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We have seamlessly integrated coupon functionality into our system, allowing users to easily apply and redeem discounts during the checkout process.

Set date

Discounts not overlap

Limit coupon usability

Automatic VAT

Our system automates VAT calculations by country. You can input VAT manually for each country and it will be automatically calculated on every checkout.

Automatic calculation

Detect country by VAT

Each country different VAT

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Shipping per product

Your clients can pick what delivery type they want for each product. Sofa too heavy? Select carriage service. Chairs are quite light save on shipping and select free shipping.

Different delivery options

More convenient shipping methods

Let your client save money

Order status

In order status page client can track all his products statuses separately. So they can check it by themselves and save your precious time

Instant update

Track all products in one place

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Emails & Invoices

Every order will automatically generate a proforma and a invoice. Also client will always get a status update email about their order


Order status emails

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